of each movement you do and with how much weight, so that

Slow Developers

anytime in the future you can check back to find out how much

you have really done and compare that with the actual progress

you have made.

You should also learn to keep track of your eating habits, how

many protein drinks you had during any given week, how long

you dieted, and what kind of diet you followed. All of this will

Slow Developers

allow you, perhaps five years down the line, when memory no

longer recalls these facts, to be certain exactly what you did or

did not do in pursuing your bodybuilding development.

Fast and Slow Developers

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Your genes have a lot to do with how your body will respond to

training. I started training at fifteen, and photos taken after only

a year reveal the beginnings of the physique body-muscles.com that won me seven


Me at sixteen


Heena Sidhu adds golden touch to slow day for India

Olympia titles. Every month or two I gained 1/2 inch on my

arms, so people told me right away, “You should be a bodybuilder.” Casey Viator turned from power lifting to bodybuilding

at an early age and at nineteen became the first and only teenage

Mr. America.

But best prohormone of 2016 body-muscles.com not all great bodybuilders were early bloomers.

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Frank Zane

was good enough to win his share of victories in the ’60s, but it

wasn’t until the ’70s that he achieved the perfection of development that allowed him to be victorious in three Mr. Olympia


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For slow developers, there is not as much immediate positive feedback to help keep up motivation. But bodybuilding is like the race between the hare and the tortoise: ulti-